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home1TMM Precision, the metal fabrication
division of The Metal Man, Inc.


Developed by shooters,
for shooters…

Presenting a full line of targets for practice,
competition and law enforcement.

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TMM Precision was created to provide precise laser metal cutting services to the manufacturing community. The products and professional services provided will help any business meet their requirements for consistent and accurate products.

The recent acquisition of a new Trumpf CNC punch machine provides TMM Precision with additional technical solutions to metal fabrication problems.  We can now produce parts as well as lower your turnaround times and costs.

As a full service metal fabrication firm, TMM Precision provides press brake services for those in need of a wide range of bending applications.  Welding, spot welding, pem insertion or accurate CNC machining, CAD services and pre-production assistance help you get your project done.

With our over 30 years of experience, we’re sure you’ll agree that our capabilities, combined with a strong commitment to service and total customer satisfaction, make us the choice for meeting your metal fabrication needs.

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